Syrian boy's brother succumbs to injuries

They had been living in the district of Qaterji, which is held by anti-government rebels.

Omran, Ali, and three others were pulled out from the rubble after their home in Syria's Aleppo was bombed on Wednesday.

The images of the shell-shocked Omran - sitting inside an ambulance and covered in dust, with a blood-stained face - spread quickly across social media, intensifying worldwide calls for an ceasefire in Aleppo.

An unidentified witness in Aleppo quoted by Reuters news agency said Ali Daqneesh had suffered internal bleeding and organ damage after the 17 August bombing.

And a tweet from Kareem Shaheen, a Middle East reporter, said: "Have confirmed with Omar Daqneesh's doctor, his older brother died from wounds sustained during strike that wounded Omran". The father, who gave his name only as Abu Ali - meaning "father of Ali" - fearing reprisals from the Syrian regime, said: 'It is very painful to watch your children falling in front of your eyes'.

The father was able to quickly pull Omran, 3, from the rubble, where he was then filmed being placed in an ambulance.

Eight other people, including five children, were believed to have died in the air strike.

The video and pictures were widely circulated online and covered in the media, refocusing public opinion on Syria's five-year-old civil war and the plight of civilians, particularly in Aleppo.

Rebels, supported by the United States, Turkey and Gulf Arab nations, have been fighting since 2011 to oust President Bashar al-Assad, who is supported by Russian Federation and Iran.

Eastern Aleppo has been targeted by air strikes for years after it opposition groups took control of the area at the start of the war.

"Ali, aged 10, succumbed to his injuries".

Russian Federation has denied responsibility for the air strikes, which took place on in the Qaterji district.

On Friday, the World Food Programme described the situation in besieged areas as "nightmarish" amid growing global concern over the humanitarian cost of the war in Syria.



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