Star Trek: Discovery will feature female lead and gay character


According to Deadline the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery will feature a female lead and a gay character.

The recently released Star Trek Beyond was hit with criticism over gay Sulu, but it seems that hasn't affected Bryan Fuller's decision to bring a gay character to the new series.

Speaking of women's issues and Voyager, Fuller also confirmed that the show would have a female lead - but, unlike Janeway, she wouldn't be a captain. Fuller explained he had received hate mail during his time on "Voyager", another "Star Trek" series in the franchise, when rumors swirled that there was a gay character. He also said the series will have a gay character. The character will not be a captain, but instead a lieutenant commander. We haven't cast her yet, so we don't know what level of diversity she will be, but that's forefront in our minds. "The story that's fascinating for me is that we've seen six series from captain's point of view and to see one from another point of view gives us a richer context".

"We're absolutely about continuing that tradition", said Fuller, "It's about who's the best actor, what can we say about diversity in every role".

- The aliens will be new and improved, and probably in greater numbers than typical for "Star Trek".

Referencing the show's acronym, Fuller said: "There's a reason why we call it "STD".

CBS All Access already offers episodes of previous "Star Trek" television series, along with series from CBS' current and past broadcast schedule.

"Star Trek Discovery" will debut in January 2017 on CBS All Access. It was, like, 'What can we share with folks at Comic-Con that lets them into the process?' And already I look at that design and go like, 'We've got different nacelles.

Shooting in Toronto this fall, the new 13-episode Star Trek: Discovery is officially said to take place 10 years before Kirk's original Enterprise mission, as well to be "heavily serialized", akin to a novel, more-so than an episodic nature. Fuller added that the show will feature slightly more graphic content than the usual "Star Trek" series.



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