Sony Xperia X Performance to get pre-released version of software

Xperia Z smartphone is displayed for a photograph in San Francisco, California.

For interested owners of Xperia X Performance, they need to sign up on Sony's Beta Program via the Xperia Beta Program app which is now available on the Google Play Store.

After making the Android N Developer Preview available to the Xperia Z3 earlier this year, Sony is now extending the chance to test Android 7.0 to another one of its Xperia handsets. Sony says that only Xperia X Performance owners in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Netherlands are eligible.

If you're rocking the Sony Xperia X Performance in the United States, we have some bad news for you: the new Xperia Beta Program is now not available in stateside.

If you're a new owner of a brand new Sony Xperia X Performance and you're into experimentation, and we mean digital experimentation, you might want to sign up quick for this. However, the Japanese tech giant recently announced that it is reviving the program and will include only one device, the Xperia X Performance.

However, there is no confirmation about the specs of the Sony device as of now. There are reports suggesting that the full version of the new Google operating system will come out in the next couple of months.

As usual, the beta test program comes with precautions.

GSM Arena warned phone owners who will be joining the beta test that the beta software typically contains many bugs that could cause smartphones to manifest odd behavior. The main reason for a beta program is to test the software and point out bugs and loopholes in order for software developers to properly fix it before rolling it out to the masses.



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