Russell Westbrook Is Re-signing With The Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder fans can now collectively let out a sigh of relief knowing that superstar point guard Russell Westbrook plans to ink a three-year $85.7 million dollar contract renegotiation on Thursday according to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. However, those doubts may be over, for now.

The Oklahoma City Thunder may still lose point guard Russell Westbrook despite his statements that he is not looking for a new team to play for next season.

Renegotiating and extending Westbrook's contract would bump the five-time All-Star's pay from $17.8 million to $26.5 million for the 2016-17 season. Both sides have been in serious negotiations, specifically on locking down the 27-year-old guard for two additional years after his current deal expires by the end of the next National Basketball Association season. Westbrook's original deal gave him the ability to opt out after the upcoming 2016-17 season, sinking his value to other teams because they're less likely to fork over assets for a player who could walk in a few months. That meant the Oklahoma city Thunder had to remove it's qualifying offer to restricted free agent Dion Waiters to free up the salary cap to keep Westbrook. Westbrook a year ago, averaged 23.5 points a game, 7.8 rebounds and 10.4 assists and he finished 4th in the MVP voting. That would eliminate any hope of teams hoping Oklahoma City could be forced to examine trading Westbrook after losing Kevin Durant in free agency.

Shortly after Westbrook signed a massive extension to remain with the Thunder through the 2017-18 season, Durant indicated that he's not necessarily ready to congratulate his former teammate.

Furthermore, Westbrook said that he inked the deal this year rather than waiting for the next season as the OKC Thunder is the best team for his career. "But nothing after. Just a text message from him, that's about it", Westbrook said at a press conference announcing the three-year extension he agreed to this week.



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