Olympics media: Delayed start for NBC, ad overload

Here's the details on streaming for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016's swimming: the women's 100m butterfly event.

Some viewers will turn on the Olympics and watch fencing or archery or gymnastics because that's the event at the time. Getting them to watch them on the TV, where a disproportionate amount of the advertisers are, is the issue, and like many other shows and events, it's something networks of every kind are having to contend with in the new era.

Per Reyes, NBC Sports Group Chair Mark Lazarus said the delay gives NBC the ability to "curate" its coverage for the viewers.

Digital sales are up about 33% over London.

Vue offers most NBC cable channels as part of its basic plan, which costs $30 or $40 a month, depending on the market. "Events and stories will unfold quickly and in real time, and it is our job to be as prepared and responsive as possible for all of them". Viewers may simply be less interested in the Olympics from Rio - and that won't become clear for a few more days. Instead, the malware-ridden app included code that could hijack social media accounts, scan through data from any device that users connect their phones to and even transmit data over to third-party ad networks. In an era of instant information, NBC, the network that paid billions for exclusive rights to the games, delayed the opening. Because the Olympics are a time for nations across the globe to come together, sending lower-level officials to the presidential delegation can be seen as a knock to the host country - and, in some cases, not sending a high-ranking official like a president or vice president could actually serve as condemnation for the host country's leader or government.

Of course, there are substantial production costs with an event like this too, so the bottom line isn't just ads against rights fees, but the Olympics bring plenty of benefits for their broadcasting network beyond just ads.

Each night before NBC's primetime coverage (except on Sundays), KTVB will air The Olympic Zone, featuring our local reporters covering our local athletes in Rio, as well as other features at 6:30 p.m.

The trends that are causing television audiences to erode are not promising to abate any time soon. NBC's 170-member broadcast team includes a stable of former athletes, including swimmer Rowdy Gaines, gymnast Tim Daggett and diver Laura Wilkinson, that has combined for 59 Olympic medals.

It's also a ridiculous amount of content. If you don't want the service, you'll have to do not forget to cancel it, but it'll easily stream the Olympics and it comes with apps for most set-top and mobile devices. Since we specialize in sonic branding, we recognize the importance of ensuring that every sound enriches NBC's coverage and audience experience. The peak audience came from 6-6:15 p.m. ET when 4.3 million watched the USA men's basketball team score win over China.



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