New Jersey bus crash leaves two people dead and 17 injured

New Jersey bus crash leaves two people dead and 17 injured

NJ Transit officials on Friday said Barthelus was driving the No. 59 bus that runs from Newark to Westfield, which was traveling west on Raymond Boulevard, when it struck the No. 13 bus traveling north on Broad Street from Irvington to Belleville.

A No. 59 bus without any passengers was heading back to Newark when the driver T-boned a No. 13 bus at the intersection, officials said.

One of the buses T-boned the other, almost breaking it in half.

The intersection was the first in the state, in 2009, to feature a surveillance camera created to catch people going through red lights.

A witness of the bus crash said there were "bodies laying everywhere".

"By the grace of God, we're praying for all of the folks that are in the hospital, that they get a speedy recovery from this tragic accident this morning", Baraka said at a morning news conference. About 17 of the 20 passengers on board were injured, Snyder said. "It was bad. We saw people with head injuries, leg injuries".

Investigators are trying to determine if the driver who died ran a red light. One person was listed in critical condition, while another was in serious condition.

Christopher Trucillo, police chief of NJ Transit, expressed his condolences to the family of the decreased driver of the No. 59 bus, a longtime employee of the agency.

The surveillance programme was discontinued in 2014. The northbound bus that was struck is on its side, its frame bent and the other bus lodged in its undercarriage. Raymond Blvd. was closed between Warren St. and McCarter Highway.

Two bus drivers who were near the crash, but not involved, stopped their vehicles when they saw it.

Several emergency and officers are now on the scene.

The driver of one of the buses was killed, the Newark Police Department told ABC's NY affiliate WABC.



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