Jude patient thrown to ground by TSA agent

Jude patient thrown to ground by TSA agent

Correction: A previous version of this video said TSA agents tackled Hannah Cohen, but airport police were actually involved. When one of the agents tries to detain her, Cohen tries to punch the agent, who then slams her to the floor.

Her suit also says that the teen was "confused" because of radiation therapy, and that officers did not accommodate the fact that the treatment left her partly deaf, partly blind, partly paralyzed and limited in her ability to speak. A previously released photo, reportedly taken by the teen's mother, shows her head bleeding during the confrontation.

The video was obtained by the newspaper The Commercial Appeal. Because of her mental and physical disabilities, she was startled by the agents' behavior and fought back when they tried to lead her away, her family said.

A police report indicated that Cohen refused to go through additional screening and would not leave the checkpoint.

According to a lawsuit, an alarm that went off as Hannah passed through security cased her to become confused and disoriented.

Jude patient thrown to ground by TSA agent

According to the lawsuit, an alarm went off when Hannah went through the security screening. "Officer Johnson grabbed both of Cohen's hands to keep her from further attacking and began to back up while Cohen continued to charge at Officer Johnson in a very aggressive motion".

After being cuffed, Cohen can be seen lying on the floor motionless and crying before officers put her on her feet and quickly walk her off camera. Cohen's mother tried to explain her daughter's condition to the officers, but they apparently paid no heed to what she was saying. Police said that she suffered a small cut to her eye from the scuffle and appeared to have suffered a stroke at one time.

As of Friday morning, Memphis International Airport, the airport police and the TSA hadn't commented on the suit.

TSA spokesman Mark Howell and Jerry Brandon, chief of public safety of the Memphis International Airport Police Department, were unable to comment on the pending litigation.

TSA declined to comment, because the lawsuit is still pending.



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