Frank Ocean's Channel Orange Is Back In The Billboard 200

Frank Ocean's second studio album Boys Don't Cry may be dropped in November

Not that that stopped fans from boning up on their Frank Ocean in preparation: According to Billboard, Channel Orange, Ocean's 2012 hit album, re-entered the Billboard 200 for the first time in three years this week, reaching No. 146.

Last week, reports claimed Ocean's Boys Don't Cry album would arrive August 5th. But the newest release date could be the most reliable we've had yet. In their latest update (available to some regions), Snapchat has added Frank Ocean filters: there's one in the style of the OSX TextEdit window (referencing his old Tumblr notes) that reads "Dear Frank Ocean", while another one features a skeleton that sums up how we all feel right now, with the caption, "Waiting for Frank Ocean's music like..." Meanwhile, the buzz about it suddenly stopped over the weekend, which confused the internet over the album's upcoming arrival. Pigeons & Planes has confirmed what some at Reddit had already discovered, that after some direct and persistent questioning, reps with Apple Music say they expect the Ocean album to be posted within 24 to 72 hours. Now there's an app that will alert you the moment the highly anticipated release drops online. Because of this, there were rumors that this was the release date for the upcoming album.

The free service (650) 82OCEAN checks Spotify, iTunes and Twitter for news about Frank Ocean. As soon as the site detects that Boys Don't Cry has dropped, it will automatically send all subscribers a text or email with a link to where they can listen to it. "I just got exhausted of refreshing my browsers all day".



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