First Zika-related infant death in United States reported in Texas

Late on Monday, the health department announced the first known case of Zika contracted on the islands, by a man who had also not travelled to affected countries.

The mother had traveled to El Salvador during her pregnancy where it is suspected she became infected.

As of early August, there have been more than 1,800 cases of Zika confirmed across the U.S. The Wynwood neighborhood of Miami that Clinton visited is where the first cases of local transmission have been detected. "The case highlights that ZIka is not just producing babies with small heads.We should expect many similar deaths, and also stillbirths". The four cases all are in an area of less than 2 square kilometers.

The Obama administration has called for $1.9 billion in emergency funds.

Another Harris County infant to have microcephaly linked to Zika was reported last month. In April, Clinton sent two deputies to study the virus in Puerto Rico, the territory with the first U.S. Zika cases.

Umair A. Shah, executive director of Harris County Public Health, said in the release that the saddest outcome of Zika's health effects often impact the most vulnerable.

All these cases "are related to travel overseas to areas with active Zika transmission", said the statement.

In July, Florida confirmed that the mostly mosquito borne virus had been transmitted locally on the US mainland for the first time.

"I disagree with those who say Zika is an insignificant issue", Clinton said, referring to Donald Trump's campaign officials in Florida.

Ninety-seven cases of Zika have been reported in Texas this year.

Over the weekend, Texas Governer Greg Abbott detailed measures the state has taken to fund the prevention of the spreading of Zika, but said it is prepared to fight the virus should it become prevalent in the state. Almost 1,000 pregnant women in the continental USA and territories have been infected with Zika.

In May, testing for the mosquito-borne Zika virus began at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center headquartered in Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States.

Host Phil Ponce talks to U.S Rep. Robin Kelly (D-2nd District) about the federal response to the Zika virus, in addition to the heated presidential race and Chicago's gun violence that has grabbed national headlines.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), symptoms of Zika are usually mild and include fever, rash, conjunctivitis (red eyes), and joint-pain, lasting several days to a week.



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