Fans slam Demi Lovato after her mum jokes about Zika virus

Fans slam Demi Lovato after her mum jokes about Zika virus

Lovato was heard giggling in the background, as her mother appeared to be consuming alcoholic beverages.

Demi Lovato has apologised after fans criticised her for sharing a video of her mother apparently making a joke about the Zika virus.

The video, which features Lovato's mother, Dianna Hart, shows her seemingly intoxicated speaking about the Rio Olympics. News reports that she ended up receiving plenty of backlash for her apparent insensitivity in regards to the outbreak of Zika which is affecting the people of Brazil at this time.

Fans were furious after Taylor initially insisted Kanye had not told her the content of his song but his wife Kim Kardashian West's Snapchat videos suggested otherwise.

One user at the handle @rihsmg wrote, "How are you gonna joke about the Zika virus w ur daughter". I was laughing at how southern my mom sounded, not the issue at hand. "Does Demi not know that the Zika virus affects women and babies development?"

Zika virus truly is no laughing matter and Snapchat users were anything BUT amused by Dianna's "rude" remarks. "Your fans are disappointed".

"If you watch everything I do, you're still a fan", she tweeted. A fan named Dalia asked why Lovato had shared the video.

However, some defended the Skyscraper singer, pointing out it was her mother that made the crass joke. Another commented, "No wonder Demi is such a dumb***....look at her mom". She was noticeably drunk.

Quoting the Stone Cold singer's tweet, she added: "My deepest and sincerest apologies to everyone who was offended by this". Do you think this is more of a misunderstanding than anything else?



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