Clinton's economic speech: CNN's Reality Check team vets the claims

Clinton's economic speech: CNN's Reality Check team vets the claims

Donald Trump's campaign is painting Hillary Clinton as a proponent of the status quo as she prepares to deliver an economic speech in MI. "Because previously, he had dismissed concerns about child care", she said.

At campaign events in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and earlier in Abingdon, Virginia, Trump sought to rally his campaign after a setback on Tuesday when he appeared to suggest gun rights activists should take action against Clinton. Obama. Despite giving the fact that her address touched on some of his signature proposals, Clinton made zero mention of the president who's been in charge of the economy for the last seven years and change.

Trump's call to erase the estate tax, she said, is a clear-cut handout to the rich, since the tax applies only to inheritances of more than $5 million per individual and affects just 0.2 percent of all estates. Clinton has led in every survey completed in the state in a head-to-head matchup with Trump by an average of 6.6 points, according to Real Clear Politics.

Bill Clinton's office previously said he had ended his consulting work with Laureate a year ago. Tim Kaine, Clinton's running mate. The source spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday to discuss the plans in advance.

Though Trump was able to keep from his usual over-the-top rhetoric during Monday's speech, which he read from a teleprompter, he has yet to demonstrate that level of self-control on the campaign trail, Mahaffee noted.

As Clinton rolled into Warren before her speech, pro-Trump protesters, some holding signs that read "Hillary for Prison", marched up and down the street in front of the machining and manufacturing plant in swing Macomb County.

"He wants America to work for him and his friends at the expense of everyone else", she said.

If U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump can not control his mouth, he may lose the presidential race because of his seemingly endless gaffes.

Clinton has proposed a large public works project, pledged to roll back tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and said she would not raise taxes on the middle class.

Former Michigan Gov. James Blanchard said he expects there to be more '"Hillary Republicans" in Michigan.

Bumbling, stumbling: Because of his pattern of gaffes, Trump has squandered "prime opportunities to hammer Hillary Clinton over her own campaign controversies", CBS News reports, offering this chronological guide to Trump's stumbles.

Clinton's speech was not a new policy roll out, but was more meant to be a direct rebuttal to the mix of tax breaks and a simplification of the tax code that Trump outlined in an economic address on Monday in Detroit. With few exceptions, Trump has provided more of a philosophical basis for an economic plan than specifics, although he did call for greater child care deductions for families. He said her remarks would be "very limited".

Republicans caution the race remains far from settled, especially since voters don't particularly like either candidate.

"He was the founder of ISIS, absolutely", Trump said on CNBC when asked if it was "appropriate" to say that Obama founded a terrorist organization. Clinton now says she would renegotiate it.

Trump made the comment in urging conservative Christian evangelicals to organize support for him in several key states where the November 8 election is likely to be decided, such as Ohio, Florida and Virginia.



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