Clinton on Trump team shake-up: 'He is still the same man'

That's what's largely driving this Trump campaign.

The appointment formalizes what has been an informal and beneficial relationship between and the campaign.

While his media-saturated, populist, outsider campaign defeated 16 rivals to win the Republican nomination, Trump has refuted suggestions that he should change tack to win the November election from the center.

Breitbart has in recent months married its lack of interest in the truth with absolute devotion to the Trump cause.

Bannon's website has been a cheerleader for Trump's campaign for months and also critical of Republican leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"There are very few people who have ever worked with Steve Bannon who have escaped without a Steve Bannon thoroughly blue tirade", Shapiro said.

But winning over an audience of passionate conservative viewers is much different from winning enough voters to secure the White House, and many observers believe Trump has made an error in relying on the likes of Bannon and Ailes.

Bannon will step aside from his Breitbart position temporarily to work for the Trump campaign. "We look forward to continuing to deliver the kind of first-in-class news coverage that has generated well-over one billion pageviews so far this year".

Conway's next bout of national fame occurred in 2012, when she was frequently in the news defending another client, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, after his self-destructive comments opposing a "rape" exception for a hypothetical abortion ban on grounds that women's bodies had mysterious ways of avoiding conception in cases of "legitimate rape".

Hours earlier, the Trump campaign announced that it was bringing on Steve Bannon - the chairman of the hard-right news website Breitbart - as its CEO and GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway as its campaign manager.

"Steve is a person who's had unparalleled success in the private sector", Lewandowski said.

He is "a bit of a street fighter, willing to go right at his opponents, and make sure that they know that in politics, all is fair", Lewandowski told CNN.

The Republican presidential nominee also announced that this week his campaign will launch TV ads for the first time.

Shortly after that article was published, Sirius XM radio launched "Breitbart News Daily", a talk show hosted by Bannon.

His harnessing of media megaphones led Bloomberg to call him "the most unsafe political operative in America" in a profile past year.

Trump has resisted pressure to change his campaign style. "Now he's accusing her of bigoted remarks - We think the American people will know which candidate is guilty of the charge", spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement early Wednesday.

Fields ultimately resigned. Editor at large Ben Shapiro and two other staffers also left in protest.

For a profile published by Bloomberg past year, Bannon told writer Joshua Green about his reaction when one of his reporters conflated then-Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch with a completely different attorney who had represented Bill and Hillary Clinton during the investigation of the Whitewater controversy in the early 1990s.

Stephen Hayes, a columnist at the more establishment conservative Weekly Standard, wrote Wednesday that in hiring Bannon, Trump "is choosing to end his campaign living in the alternate reality that Breitbart creates for him on a daily basis-where everything he does is the best, where everyone who questions him is an idiot or a traitor. and where, truly, Trump alone can fix it all". "It was that simple".



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