Clinton disavows support from killer's father

But Ceballo is questioning that message, wondering how the Clinton campaign didn't notice that Mateen's father was allowed to be right there, in the center of the crowd behind the podium which Clinton stood and addressed Pulse.

When interviewed by WPTV5 after the rally, Seddique praised Hillary as good for "national security" and "gun control". People should ask that question. "What attracts him to Hillary Clinton?".

"It's a whole double standard, but we're punching through it and I think the people understand". Those who were able to appear at the Kissimmee rally unknowingly shared the audience with Seddique Mateen, who says he was "invited" because he's part of the Democratic party.

Should the Clinton campaign have distanced itself from Mateen the way it did? Despite his flag waving last night, Mateen is an anti-American, pro-Afghan Taliban apologist with strongly anti-gay views.

"Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions", Mateen said.

A member of the Democrat party, Mr Mateen said he was not specifically invited and chose to go along.

Mateen, an immigrant from Afghanistan, was approached by a reporter from the local WPTV television station and asked about his presence at the rally.

He admitted, however, that a staffer would frequently vouch for additional people who could join the candidate on stage during the rally.

Network coverage of Donald Trump's "Second Amendment" comments regarding Clinton was five times that of Mateen's support for Clinton, according to the Media Research Center. The campaign also noted that a president can't unilaterally abolish any amendment of the constitution.

Over the next 24 hours, speculation and criticism ran rampant.

Here's one endorsement you likely won't see during Hillary Clinton's campaign ads.

"All the things they indicate, they have not handled Islamic extremist terrorism with the strength and fight back we should have as a country trying to protect itself", Giuliani said.



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