Chaos inside Emirates plane that crash-landed in Dubai


Meanwhile, the operations at the Dubai International Airport remained disrupted with delays and flight cancellations persisting.

The accident occurred Wednesday was the most risky ever for Emirates, which has grown at a breakneck pace over the last three decades and turned its hometown of Dubai into a major long-haul global air hub.

Operations at the Dubai airport came to halt on Wednesday after an Emirates flight from Thiruvananthapuram crash-landed and caught fire on the runway.

In a smoke-filled cabin passengers can be seen and heard in a state of confusion, with some trying to access oxygen masks while others try to retrieve luggage from overhead lockers, before voices, likely cabin crew, can be heard urging them to evacuate the grounded plane via its emergency chutes.

However, one member of the airport fire crew, who rushed to battle the blaze, tragically died as he helped to save the lives of all those on board.

Full-service carrier Jet Airways announced its schedule on its website, saying a number of its Dubai flights have been cancelled or clubbed with others.

Dubai Airports said a total of 116 arriving and 121 departing flights were cancelled, 44 inbound flights were diverted following Emirates EK521 incident on Wednesday.

Experts investigating yesterday's crash landing at Dubai International Airport are reportedly looking into the possibility of a fault with the plane's landing gear.

In a press conference, Emirates Chairman Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum said he didn't want to "jump to conclusions" on what had caused the fire and subsequent explosion.

The incident involved an Emirates flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai.

Dubai's civil aviation authorities on Thursday allowed arrivals and departures for all airliners again, but only on a step-by-step basis.

Five passengers suffered minor injuries and were admitted to a hospital in Dubai. The Boeing 777 aircraft, departed at 10.19am from Trivandrum International Airport and was scheduled to land at 12.50 pm at Dubai International Airport. "In total, over 23,000 Emirates passengers were impacted by the disruption".



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