Bolt one win away from 'triple-triple' after 200m conquest

Another great, Michael Phelps, had made the vow at London but he came out of it to win a slew of medals here.

Looking back on his life story, Bolt can reflect on a peerless golden run which stretches back to the Beijing Games in 2008. And he is leaving the sport in the grandest possible way - three gold each in three consecutive Olympics.

"There you go", he said. Cameras zoomed on him and smartphones captured all his moves.

It's probably safe to say we'll never get a chance to see what other sports and feats Bolt could use his unprecedented speed and explosiveness to excel at, but it's sure fun to think about.

The 100-metre and 200-metre champion led home a team that included Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and Nickel Ashmeade to beat Japan by a third of a second. "I have proved to the world that I am the greatest".

Bolt's haul of nine golds is the joint highest among Olympic athletics. I have to give thanks to the guys, they really came through for me and I'm really happy about that. "But I knew I would win".

"It's a great feeling running with him, training with him". He has so many gold medals right now I can't even count. I was never satisfied with what I was doing. Relieved because he had a mission and that mission was accomplished; sad because this was the last time he was racing in the Olympics. "I had no work to do but to just run to the line", the Jamaican told reporters at the press conference after wrapping up the victory and the elaborate celebrations. The Kenyan team is next with 10 medals overall including five gold, and Jamaica has six gold among nine medals overall.

Usain Bolt may be best-known as the world's fastest man on the track, but his talents don't end there. I'm not going to miss these interviews.

The living legend confessed that after this achievement, it would be hard to comprehend life after sport. "I'll have to make a new bucket list now, I've achieved all I wanted to in track and field". "As soon as I got the baton, I knew I was going to win this one, because there is no one on the anchor leg that can outrun me", said Bolt, who will be celebrating his birthday on Sunday.

She entered the games as one of just six women to have won four golds in track and field.



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