Big Brother Recap: Did the Perk Save Michelle?

Big Brother 18 Head of Household Competition

When the houseguests all entered the "Black Box," it was pitch black and the houseguests all were in their own lane competing against each other. The room is in total darkness and it smells bad and is covered in slime, muck, cobwebs and is extremely slippery. At the end of two hours the houseguests with the most disks would become HOH.

While the contestants search for disks, viewers see a flashback to what happened 82 minutes before Paulie was sent backing on Thursday night's episode. Nicole insisted that this is yet another reason Paul should be evicted. If someone chose to use the POV on either of the nominees that person being Corey or Nicole would go up.

In the HOH comp, the houseguests have 10 separate 30-second chances to search through a pitch black. It doesn't help as Meech is the first one out of this competition. Under the covers they go, out of this room I go....

Did you catch the special episode of Big Brother on Friday night last week? Natalie and Corey tie with ten discs. Michelle, who received America's Care Package, had the opportunity to nominate a second houseguest for eviction and thus named Paul. It's been that she hasn't been a position to make any moves. She must pick a side and is going to make some enemies. It seems that Nat is on board with this. James is called up next and was forced to tell his showmance half, Natalie, that he can't buy anything for her either. Though Paul was instrumental in getting rid of both Da'Vonne and Paulie Paul managed to keep those evictees' trust up until the moment they walked out the door. Michelle accidentally lets go of her button and is eliminated first.

James is considering throwing it and Victor is plotting a showdown scene with James before the eviction vote to tell him if James votes him out this week, he'll lose his jury vote for sure. I don't blame him. What's more, Natalie just told James that they're "best friends". #FriendshipTimes with Paul. It is his unique way to unwind and relax and talk to the cameras and distract himself from the game. However the nominations had an unexpected surprise for America's Care Package.

The latter is a big possibility as the other houseguests know he's the strongest player in the house. I'm liking Meech's idea to split them up. Now that Paul has realized that the showmances want him and Victor out, he pointed out that it's possible it will be four people against him if Victor goes home on Thursday.

Once the Battle Back juror buyback twist hits them all after the LIVE eviction, things will really turn up in the BB18 house.

To be honest, it sucks seeing Paul and Victor on the block. Then blindside Victor. So, that sounds pretty rough on Victor. Natalie's best bet at winning is to dump her alliance with Nicole and Corey, preferably evict one of them, and beg forgiveness from Victor and Paul.

Michelle felt great about her decision to nominate Paul because he was "shady" and playing a game that would be tough to beat.

"I feel super betrayed by Paul", Natalie says.

"They have messed with the wrong one", Victor adds.

Natalie didn't seem to learn Paul's lesson when targeting him for eviction. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Wednesday, August 24, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.



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