Arkansas K-9 found wounded, 2 days after shootout, TV station reports

Arkansas K-9 found wounded, 2 days after shootout, TV station reports

Greenwood police have found their K-9 officer who went missing Wednesday during the shooting that resulted in the death of a Sebastian County sheriff's deputy.

Kina (pictured left and right) ran off after she was shot twice on Wednesday.

X-rays showed some bullet fragments still lodged inside the dog and a veterinarian told police had she been shot two inches lower on one of the shots, she would not have survived.

The four year department veteran, reunited with her handler Dennis Wisner just before 8 AM.

The dog was found still wearing her bulletproof vest and was dehydrated but expected to make a full recovery. "A special thank you goes out to the two employees of Arkansas Valley who assisted with recovering Kina", the sheriff's office said in a statement. Minutes later, the GPD added that she was at the vet for treatment of bullet wounds.

Billy Monroe Jones barricaded himself inside his home for several hours after opening fire on the police, with police saying he wanted to create a "ruckus" before his court hearing scheduled that day.

"I could hear the bullets whizzing", Spells said.

Kina, a German Shepard, was last seen Wednesday when a man shot and killed Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper and injured Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells.

Wisner's vehicle when she was shot during the incident and Kina took off running. Kina then took off and officers found blood in her kennel, leading them to believe she had been hit.



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