American gymnast Simone Biles wins Olympic gold medal in women's vault

Biles soars to all-around gymnastics title

The 19-year-old helped the "Final Five" to team gold and also dominated the all-around competition last week, averaged 15.966 on her two vaults on Sunday to become the first American woman to win the event at the Olympics. Biles is in the balance beam final on Monday and the floor exercise final on Tuesday, events in which she happens to be the reigning world champion. But this time, she landed her "Amanar" vault and nailed her "Cheng" vault, both high in difficulty and executed exceptionally well.

While the day may belong to Whitlock, the games belong to Biles. Paseka came in second, and Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber won the bronze. Biles is also the first American woman to ever win gold on vault.

Mikulak said he "got pretty rattled" by the noise.

The Produnova is the single most hard move in women's gymnastics.

She scored 15.900 on the vault called an "Amanar" after Simona Amanar of Romania, who preceded her as Olympic all-around champion in 2000. Sunday was his second time competing in an apparatus final at the Olympics, after placing fifth in the vault final in London.

She scored 15.900 on her first vault and a 16.033 on her second vault, which averaged to an overall score of 15.966.

The only gymnast in the field with a teenage son said she wasn't discouraged by the result. Chusovitina said afterward she's already planning to train all the way to the 2020 games in Tokyo.

Dipa Karmakar is the first Indian woman to compete in Olympic gymnastics and the first Indian gymnast to qualify for an individual event final. Mustafina's score of 15.9 was just ahead of Kocian's 15.833.

Douglas is fed up, her mother Natalie Hawkins said. Also doing the Produnova, she almost landed it on her feet but her bottom crashed down onto the mat seconds later.

She nearly certainly wouldn't be showing off a Produnova there.

"I want to agree", said Martha Karolyi, the national team coordinator for the US women's gymnastics team. But she has consistently declined the Produnova's advances and reiterated that stance on Sunday.

Even sitting next to the runway awaiting her turn, Biles could not be missed.

Months ago, Biles was struggling with her Cheng vault so much that she resorted to practicing the Produnova into a foam pit, Boorman said last week.

Simone Biles won the women's vault final in the Rio Olympic Arena, setting a new mark for wins in a single Olympics by an American woman.

"When I would read those comments it was just like, "What?"



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