Amazon presents its first cargo plane

Amazon One is one of 40 aircrafts Amazon has agreed to lease through its air cargo partners

The Boeing 767-300, seen in this video being painted with the Amazon logos, is one of 40 airplanes that the company has agreed to lease through air cargo partners Atlas Air and Air Transport Services Group and will be rolling out over the next couple of years.

Having focused so far largely on fulfillment centers and the supply chain, Amazon is now addressing the transportation side of the operations, wrote Dave Clark, Amazon's senior vice president of worldwide operations, in a blog post.

"I can not imagine a better way to celebrate the inaugural flight than in our hometown at Seafair alongside Amazon employees and Seattle residents", he added.

Amazon is taking steps to gain full control of its delivery process by unveiling the first of its 40 branded cargo planes. It now has dedicated airplanes flying daily out of its air hub in Wilmington, OH. The rest of the cargo jets are expected to be flying within two years.

Planes are the next target for the online retail giant as it wants to reduce the list of things it outsources. In its second quarter, shipping costs rose 44 percent versus 31 percent revenue growth. It also introduced a network of 4,000 trailers and has invested in advanced robotics and other technology to speed packing and sorting at its facilities.

The retailer's Prime Air delivery scheme would see parcels weighing up to five pounds delivered by small drones within 30 minutes to customers in the United Kingdom and elsewhere around the world.

Last year, Amazon got 1 billion packages for delivery and eventually faced reliability issues as it used to deliver its merchandise through third-party delivery systems like FedEx and UPS, however, this year, to avoid such problems and to keep up its own flotilla; Amazon launched its own shipping plane. Well this certainly is exciting news for all Amazon users.



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