Swiftmoji keyboard from SwiftKey will suggest emoji to pair with your text

Emoji predictions will be initially based on Swiftkey’s keyboard usage data but they will gradually adapt to each and every user’s emoji preferences

The app, much like Swiftkey does with word prediction, predicts emoji related to your conversation and offers them up through a shortcut bar at the top of the keyboard.

While the app is now only available in English, things might soon change given our global obsession with emoji. This means that based on what you have been typing, the keyboard app will be able to suggest an appropriate emoji which according to its developer, will save users time from having to scroll through the various pages of emojis to find what you want.

In order to use it, you'll need to grant it the relevant permissions as you go through the install process, and then select it as your default keyboard.

While it's available on both iOS and Android, there are a few differences between the two versions. On Android, Swiftmoji also supports theme colors and learning your emoji habits for better predictions. However, Swiftmoji is a simple emoji keyboard on iOS devices while the app can be chosen as a full keyboard replacement on Android.

While SwiftKey may seem like it has more real world applications that make it worth a download, there's no denying that emoji are quickly taking over the world. Swiftmoji, in other words, is for the power emoji user.

The release of the Swiftmoji was no surprise, as the Microsoft-owned app maker began testing their latest product back in May, releasing a private beta version through Google Play.



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