Ryan Shazier of Pittsburgh Steelers has the potential to be an All-Pro this Season

Ryan Shazier of Pittsburgh Steelers has the potential to be an All-Pro this Season

Ryan Shazier of Pittsburgh Steelers has the potential to be an All-Pro this Season

Ryan Shazier has played two full seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and as he enters the third season, the linebacker looks ready to display his greatness with a bang! In the second half of last season, Shazier got his health back and fans rallied behind him with cheers and applause similar to the hype he received when he left college. NFL lines show that Shazier is now contented and set in the team’s defense, which makes him ready to trail the ancestry of retired linebackers who played for the Steelers.

In 2015, Shazier was a starter in a dozen games, but exited after playing in the first two series in one of the games. He managed to tally 1 interception, 2 forced fumbles, 3.5 sacks, and 87 tackles. When he played against the 49ers in week 2, he made 15 tackles, along with one sack and shot out of the gate. However, h succumbed to a shoulder injury to rule him out of the subsequent four contests.

Shazier displayed his dominance when he played against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Wild Card game. Apart from causing two fumbles, he recorded 13 tackles, and later recovered one fumble. He led the Steelers to an unbelievable comeback win after stripping Jeremy Hill in a theatrical turn of events. Shazier is known for his breakneck off-the-chart speed, which works effectively to cover the tight ends and receivers, in addition to pursuing running backs and quarterbacks. The best evidence about his speed was when he chased down All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown to emerge victorious.

The NFL requires speed and Shazier clear currently rules unchallenged. In my opinion, he is one of the fieriest linebackers in the history of the Steelers, and if there could be a legitimate dash of 40 yards, he could revel among the fastest in history of the league. At Pro Day, he unofficially dashed an incredible 4.36 seconds, and in fact, no linebacker has ever recorded anything below 4.40 in the last decade.

Apart from his unmatched speed, Shazier is an impressive hitter as well. In the playoffs, he devastated Giovani Bernard of the Bengals, even though the NFL declared later that he had made some unwanted contact. Nevertheless, the collision was more radical than the proof that Shazier displayed for all fans to see.

The only biggest setback that constantly brings down the true nature of Shazier is his worrying health. Records of wide-ranging injuries he has succumbed to includes damages from his head to his ankle. In the last two seasons, the LB has not played in almost a dozen games, and he has to end this dissatisfying trend if he really want to progress his career successfully. One could easily blame his aggressive play and small size.

Irrespective of all this, I bet that if he maintains his health, Shazier will turn into the cornerstone of a potentially overhyped defense. He has the prowess to make Steelers defense strong enough to win as many games as possible this season by creating enough space to scavenge. He can bat balls past receivers, dash through empty spaces, deliver smashing hits, or close in on quarterbacks. Overall, Ryan Shazier has what it takes to declare himself an All-Pro stature player this season. 



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