Pokemon Go's Team Leaders Revealed

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Shown in the game only as silhouettes to this point, here is the final artwork for the three team leaders in Pokémon Go.

Designs for each of the three teams' leaders have finally been unveiled, and the consensus is that Mystic and Valor are run by badasses, while Instinct is run by a total dweeb.

For Team Correct Choi- hrm, I mean, Team Valor, the leader's name is Candela.

Candela is the fiery leader of Team Valor, wearing a trendy P-Coat and looking like a true leader of the top team in all of Pokemon Go.

Spark and his electrifying fashion-sense lead over Team Instinct. It was revealed this afternoon during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. It's expected that team gameplay will be a bigger part of Pokemon Go as future updates are released. Hanke also says that Niantic was thinking about bringing Pokemon Centers to the game. Join the App Trigger team!

During Niantic's Pokemon GO panel, a lot of details regarding what the wildly popular game had to offer, were discussed. Once training, trading, battles and other cool functions are added, whenever (if ever) they occur, they will aid the extension of the app's viability in the long term.



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