Ivanka Trump casts her father as caring fighter for women

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Mr Trump addressed thousands of the party faithful on the last day of the Republican National Convention in Ohio. For many other Republicans, this will finally make plausible what that Washington establishment has been saying for months: that Cruz is an opportunist who is willing to badly hurt his own party for the sake of some imagined political advantage.

Trump also said he is a "big fan" of the Kurds and expressed a desire to see unity between the them and the Turkish government, something he thinks can be done with negotiations. Thousands of supporters who were gathered in the convention hall roared their approval.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump are walking through the final steps for their speeches on Day 4 - the closing moments of the convention. By comparison, then-Republican candidate George W. Bush got 40 percent of the Latino vote in 2004, John McCain got 31 percent in 2008, and Mitt Romney got 27 percent in 2012.

An underwear model, Antonio Sabato, took the stage then later told reporters he was convinced President Barack Obama is a Muslim.

His speech was filled with some of the bravado he used to win the Republican nomination over 16 rivals. "This has always been the philosophy at the Trump organisation".

In fact, the GOP platform moves farther away from gay rights than past years, with a new admonition of gay parenting that says kids raised by a mother and father tend to be "physically and emotionally healthier".

A lot has been made of Texas Sen. NY delegates and others cheers as Cruz began his red-meat conservative speech. He blamed her for the rise of Islamic State militants and blasted her willingness to accept thousands of Syrian refugees. It's hard to take Trump seriously when he talks about Hillary's shady dealings with dictators when Trump was all too happy to donate big money to the Clinton Foundation.

Party conventions are partly meant to introduce the candidate to the country, and nominees tend to get a boost in opinion polls afterward.

But comments by Trump to the New York Times raised fresh questions about his commitment to automatically defend fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members if they were attacked.

"I have a message for all of you: The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end", Trump said. "I truly believe Mr. Trump is America's blue-collar billionaire", he told the delegates. "Beginning on January 20, 2017, safety will be restored". The next president takes office on January 20.

Trump wants to build a wall along the USA border with Mexico, ban Muslims from war-torn Middle Eastern countries and renegotiate worldwide trade agreements.

The U.S. liberal media does not like Trump, but Winnie said Pence may help engage with the media, and Pence has the credentials to do that.

If Republicans do lose in November, you can bet the recriminations will be more protracted and more vicious than they usually are for the losing side. Trump's speech on Thursday didn't contain new ideas for him.

Trump's wife, Melania, foreshadowed it all on opening night, noting, "It would not be a Trump contest without excitement and drama". A year ago, she'd announced his candidacy for president. And Ted Cruz, the runner-up in the primary who refused to fall in line and support Trump after he suspended his campaign, gave a dramatic speech in prime time on Wednesday refusing to endorse Trump and encouraging Republicans to vote their conscience.



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