French president says has no information on air strike in Syria's Manbij

"On the actions of the coalition, I have no exact information on what French planes could have done", Mr Hollande said.

He also added that the coalition now had a better understanding about how Daesh facilitates foreign fighter movements in and out of Syria and Iraq.

About 200 civilians were able to flee the city Friday morning, the Observatory said, but "a woman in her twenties was killed by a mine explosion while trying to get her children out of the city".

More than 100 civilians have been killed in Syria since June, and according to human rights organizations, USA led airstrikes are to blame.

Manbij, near where the first video takes place, is one of the cities sparking outrage from human rights groups.

Another video shows airstrikes destroying a speeding ISIS vehicle on July 7 in Iraq (below).

UNICEF on Thursday said that 35,000 children are trapped inside and around the Syrian city of Manbij, about 80 km from Aleppo, where the global anti-ISIS coalition is conducting bombing raids.

"The massacre also resulted in the injury of tens of others, some of them are in unsafe situations", the SOHR report added.

The SNC put the death toll over the past few days much higher - at 125 civilians.

Director of the Observatory, Rami Abdel-Rahman, told German news agency DPA: "We believe that the raids, which were carried out Tuesday, were by U.S. [or] allied planes but it was by mistake".

For its part, the USA military has confirmed it is "reviewing" the circumstances of the airstrike, but its statement regarding the airstrikes did not include any mention of the civilians that were killed.

Manbij has been the focus of United States military action in previous weeks.

The anti-IS coalition has said it is investigating the allegations, and US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter on Wednesday pledged a "transparent" investigation.

"Families are unable to access local cemeteries to bury their relatives who have died or been killed, and are burying them in their gardens or keeping the corpses in bunkers", Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said.

The US-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters, launched an offensive at the end of May to seize the last territory held by IS insurgents on Syria's frontier with Turkey.

Syria's foreign ministry said Tuesday's air strike, which hit the village of Toukhan north of Manbij, was carried out by French forces, while Monday's strike was by US jets.

UNICEF also condemns the killing of a 12-year-old boy who was beheaded on-camera in Aleppo this week by Syrian rebels.

"But we took this decision now after ISIS used residents as human shields, after the media pressure on us, and to protect whatever civilians are left in the town", the commander said on condition of anonymity. If the claims of new civilian casualties are true, they would more than double - or triple - that figure.

"[Locals] are now full of hatred for the SDF".



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