Trump's veterans controversy goes from bad to worse

Trump's veterans controversy goes from bad to worse

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is set to announce the charities that will receive money he raised for veterans' causes earlier this year, following sustained pressure from media outlets trying to account for the promised funds. "I find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest". "I've never received such bad publicity for doing a good job".

The Republican repeatedly tore away from the list to rail against the media, calling journalists "not good people", "bad people", "so unfair", "the most dishonest people I've ever met" - and even "sleazy".

"We will not let Donald Trump use veterans as props for his agenda for hate and fear", Maier told AFP.

Trump included the Woodruff Foundation gift in a list of donations to veterans groups he read off a list at Tuesday's press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan. He said many times that he didn't want credit for the fundraising but seemed peeved that he wasn't thanked for it.

On the night of the January 28 fundraiser, Trump was at the top of his political game.

Trump has called Fox News host Megyn Kelly "a bimbo".

By Tuesday, however, the fundraiser had morphed into an uncomfortable test of Trump's competence and temperament. And could he handle public questioning about how he did it?

"My advice to the press: Stop interviewing yourselves about Trump's attack on the press".

In an interview with the newspaper, Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel had "an absolute conflict" in presiding over the litigation given that he was "of Mexican heritage" and a member of a Latino lawyers' association.

At Tuesday's press conference, one exasperated reporter asked if he meant to keep up the anti-media screeds if he became president. "I believe as the campaign evolves and Donald Trump continues down this path, Hillary Clinton is going to look like a much more sympathetic character than she might today".

On Jan. 30, just before the Iowa caucuses, he gave a $100,000 check to the Puppy Jake Foundation, which provides service dogs to wounded veterans. On Tuesday, Trump said the real total had been $5.6 million - $4.6 million from other donors and $1 million from his own pocket. "It will probably be over that amount when it's all said and done, but as of this moment, it's $5.6 million", Trump asserted today at a news conference at Trump Tower in NY.

In other words, four months after his big fundraiser, where Trump touted a tally that turned out to be untrue, Trump only started cutting checks to a variety of groups after the Washington Post published a story that made the candidate look terrible. At times, too, his staff gave out false information: More than a week ago, Trump's campaign manager said that Trump had already given out his $1 million in personal gifts. "With one tweet, Donald Trump can define a news cycle in a way a lot of rapid response operations could only dream of, and that is a tremendous asset for him", he said.

Biggio said a portion of the donation will help a young Marine travel from Virginia to Philadelphia for a double-arm transplant. The campaign also said it had taken months to carefully vet each of the groups receiving money. "We vet the vets".

Trump revised that figure recently to $5.5 million following months of questions from reporters struggling to track the funds and dodging on the exact amount from the Trump campaign.

Two companies which solicited donations for the Foundation for American Veterans, based in suburban Detroit, were named in a civil suit filed last week by the Minnesota attorney general's office, according to a press release.



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