'The Bachelorette': The Good, the Chad and the Ugly

"Now I have no clue what happened lol #TheBachelor", Chad Johnson revealed on Twitter as Monday's episode of the show aired on television. Tonight's episode, kicked off with a continuation of what went down at the end of episode 4 when insane Chad showed back up at the house after getting permanently ditched by JoJo for being a jackass. Hold on to your excitement because we are about to tell you an additional interesting news.

Jimmy Kimmel chats with the man who earned the nickname "Bad Chad" on this season of "The Bachelorette" and shows him footage of the men on the show reacting to his elimination.

But JoJo made sure to address the rumours to her remaining bachelors, who felt for their boo once she informed them that Chad 1 was just as bad as Chad 2. Then Chad weirded them out by coming back to deliver some confrontation action.

Over the course of the episode, the remaining contestants soon realize Chad was a paper tiger they could unite against, and now that he's gone this is WAR. Now that she got rid of one on The Bachelorette, she's dealing with another - and it's the last guy you'd expect.

Rookstool said that JoJo also talked to him about the possibility of her being The Bachelorette.

Trouble in Uruguay, Part II: It turned out her chat with Jordan was the easy part of JoJo's night.

The whole situation was giving us some serious déjà vu from season one of Lifetime's hit drama UnREAL, a Bachelor-inspired series which depicts the outrageous lengths that producers will go to create drama on reality TV.

JoJo described her relationship with Chad as being a roller-coaster with very low lows and very high highs.

For the group date, nine contestants will join JoJo for sand-boarding. And now, in the spirit of carpe diem he wanted to tell JoJo he had fallen in love with her. The other guys think he is playing a game and wonder if he is there for the right reasons. Derek got the rose.

In the second rose ceremony of the episode JoJo said goodbye to three suitors: Evan, everyone's favorite ED specialist, firefighter Grant and Italian Barber Vinny. His accent is so thick and his personality is so silly that "Canadian" feels more accurate, even though no one else's body is on his level.

"While traveling this weekend, our paths crossed and I finally had the opportunity to meet Hope Higginbotham in person".

At the latest and especially glitzy cocktail hour, JoJo delivers a speech about how Chad "wasn't what I thought he'd be" (what on earth did he give you the impression that he was?) and says she truly "respects" all of the guys. He moved on pretty quickly and found the love of his life supposedly! This Chad chose to speak out in a tabloid interview trashing JoJo, and suggesting that she wasn't on the show for anything other than herself.

"So I zoned out while watching the show last night and ended up just staring at #Twitter".



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