Sony expecting PlayStation VR supply issues

Sony expecting PlayStation VR supply issues

Sony used its own press conference to reveal that its virtual reality system, PlayStation VR, will go on sale in October and the console manufacturer is using E3 to enable visitors to try the device.

The arrival of PlayStation VR will come later than expected, to provide time to get games ready and to build up an ample supply of headsets for launch, according to Sony. Among these fifty games that are going to be available at launch, the pricing for some of them has already been revealed.

The Star Wars Battlefront VR game announced in March alongside PSVR's October release window, was also shown off. Subtitled X-Wing VR Mission, the game, as you might expect, is a space combat game set in the cockpit of an X-Wing fighter.

As for Sony's next console, House said the PlayStation Neo is not the beginning of another console generation. During the demonstration reel at E3 on Tuesday, Sony provided a teaser for a bunch of games that it is planning to integrate with its VR headset, including "Final Fantasy XV", "Resident Evil 7", "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare", and an upcoming "Batman" VR game.

The console makers are also trying to keep ahead of technology trends, with virtual reality regarded as a promising direction.

We know about Sony's plans for VR, 50 titles at launch and so on, but why was there something missing that we had all hoped to see yesterday at E3?

Speaking of requirements, some VR games will require the use of the PlayStation Move controller, and some would even require two.

The company is looking to cement its lead over Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo's Wii U consoles, which have sold 21 million and 12.8 million units respectively.

When asked whether consoles were becoming like smartphones with new machines bought more regularly, Layden said that's not on the agenda, a stance shared by Xbox counterpart Phil Spencer.

Facebook bought virtual reality company Oculus Rift for $2 billion.

EA also introduced new trailers for sequels to popular future-based war game Titanfall 2, as well as the First World War-based Battlefield 1.



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