Selena Gomez Joins James Corden For Carpool Karaoke

Billboard reports that Michelle Obama announced in a snapchat post that she would appear on an upcoming episode of The Late Late Show in James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" segment. Corden then found himself front-row on a roller coaster alongside Gomez in which they started singing "Come & Get It" as the ride started to speed up and descend.

James cashed in on the opening that Selena herself had presented. Apparently Selena does a shot of ginger every morning, so her and James did one together and Corden did not enjoy it! She described it as a good burn. Fans of the feature even got a great look at all of the cameras and rigs it requires to get the ideal shot of Corden and his celebrity friends while they belt their favorite tunes.

To make it up to him, they head to McDonald's where she massively upstages him, much to her embarrassment.

He said that he wanted to eat something and they made a pit stop at McDonald's drive through. The attendant at the delivery window was thrilled to see Selena. Corden had some questions for Selena about her role in Taylor Swift's signature "girl squad". Corden called Swift's girls squad as "sexist" since no man is asked to join the squad ever.

She said that it was that time when a little female sexism was allowed in Hollywood. She has said that Hot Cheetos and chocolate are staples on her tour bus, and remember when she ate McDonald's backstage at the Victoria Secret fashion show past year? As for if she's on the lookout...



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