Select Moto Mods Pricing Revealed, Spoiler Alert, They're Expensive

Select Moto Mods Pricing Revealed, Spoiler Alert, They're Expensive

The third of the Moto Mods offerings is the Incipio offGRID Power Pack.

As an initial step towards taking India in that direction, Lenovo will launch the first of the premium smartphones - Moto Z - in September this year, just a month after it starts shipping to the North American markets.

Would you pay to enhance the Moto Z? The magnetic back covers snap on seamlessly to the back of the Moto Z via 16 dots located on the smartphone's rear surface. Lencquesaing added that "We will have a clear value proposition in the premium segment". Information regarding the Moto Mods development kit and certification process has been made available at The Moto Mods will launch at the same time and unlocked versions of the phones will arrive 'this autumn'.

"Our focus is to ensure that we continue to grow our market share".

He hinted the Mods are likely to be priced between $50 to $100 each, though the company has not confirmed a final price. There is also a fingerprint scanner on the Moto Z Force and it is positioned on the front below the display. With Moto Mods, the phone could be transformed into a 70 inch movie projector (Moto Insta-Share Projector), JBL SoundBoost speaker, Power Pack: capable of providing 22 hours of additional battery life or even adorn a personalized style shell. With a few strong magnets and some pins, a special module called a 'Moto Mod' can instantly expand the capabilities of the phone.

Select Moto Mods Pricing Revealed, Spoiler Alert, They're Expensive

Pricing details have leaked for the Verizon Moto Mods accessories that complement the new Moto Z smartphones.

The Motorola Mobility Chairman also said the Indian market is a strategic one for the company, and they will enter the offline market here.

LG already received criticism over its pricing scheme for the LG Friends modules for the G5 flagship, but Motorola fans hoped the Moto Mods would be more decently priced.

The largest mobile phone market in the world by volumes is rapidly moving away from carrier-subsidised phones and towards open market, where phones and calling plans can be bought independently, like in India. "Plus in the longer term it will have a more solid potential thanks to the upcoming 4G infrastructure, a robust economy, and more purchasing power in the future", he said.

Lenovo is also bullish on the talent pool in India and said it works actively with developers here.



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