Sanders: 'It doesn't appear that I'm going to be the nominee'

In an effort to reach out to younger voters, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will launch a digital campaign that will provide supporters and non-supporters alike with insight into the inner workings of her campaign.

Clyburn also said he would "love" to see Clinton's rival, Bernie Sanders, throw his support behind the presumptive nominee.

Now Sanders has transitioned to full support mode, letting key staffers go from his campaign so they can work for the Clinton camp during the general election, according to Politico.

Bernie Sanders has appeared to have admitted defeat in his attempt to become the Democratic presidential candidate.

"We are negotiating nearly every day with the Clinton people and we want Secretary Clinton to stake out the strongest positions she can on campaign finance reform, on health care, on education - especially higher education - on the economy, on the minimum wage", Bernie Sanders said. But we have disagreements.

The Massachusetts Democrat will join Clinton in Ohio Monday at a public event in the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

"Well, I suspect he ain't gonna get too many of those [voters]", Sanders said.

As I wrote after Sanders gave a speech last week, his change of tone since the California vote had already made clear that he no longer seriously hoped to win the nomination.

Just last week in San Antonio during the Texas Democratic Convention, Castro told KXAN's Political Reporter Phil Prazan that he was not being vetted for the job. "If they don't want me to speak, so what?"

I think the vast majority of the people who voted for me understand that Donald Trump, in a dozen different ways, is literally unfit to be president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton pushed back against Donald Trump's questions about her religion and her competence Wednesday, casting him as a candidate with not much else to say about how he'd lead the nation. "Importantly, this includes fixing all of our many disastrous trade deals", he said.

Clinton is also said to be cognizant about the risks of tapping a senator who would be replaced by a Republican governor if Democrats won in November. He is scheduled to deliver a speech titled "Where We Go From Here" on Thursday in New York City.

On Wednesday, Mr Trump launched an attack on Mrs Clinton, accusing her of "corruption" and "dangerous incompetence". That's a particular liability for Ohio Sen.

In a letter he's distributed to other GOP leaders, Ash says he's anxious that some party officials who will head the convention's rules committee "might possibly work to deny" Trump the nomination "he has earned".



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