PS4 'Neo' exists, but won't be shown at E3

As well as announcing the highly anticipated launch date for the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, Sony has also introduced a new peripheral designed specifically for the PlayStation 4 and its upcoming PS VR headset. Plus with PlayStation VR coming out this October we will likely see the game lineup. Those who've yet to order a headset, and are interested in doing so, can probably still find a local game shop or online distributer that will let them pre-order Sony's relatively affordable VR headset. That will make it easier for a larger number of gamers to enter the VR space, which in turn will help convince developers that it's worth their time and effort to make interesting games and content in VR.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America revealed a lineup of exclusive games including "Batman: Arkham VR" from RockSteady and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, "Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission" from Electronic Arts (EA), and "Farpoint" from Impulse Gear. We finally have a date for the arrival of PlayStation VR.

Batman in virtual reality and a new Legend Of Zelda game were among the main attractions as the E3 video game show opened its doors for another year.

The PlayStation VR headset sounds like it could be quite expensive if it's going to be around the same price as a new video games console.

Sony has sold about 40 million PlayStation 4s, which are its latest generation of consoles, with Microsoft estimated to have sold about 21 million Xbox One consoles, according to SuperData Research. "All of the games releasing within this life cycle [of consoles] will absolutely be playable on the standard PS4", he said.

Speaking to CNBC, House revealed that the NEO console will herald a new era in which generations will no longer matter. Facebook, HTC and others have released virtual reality headsets, and an early use of the technology is for games.

PlayStation also unveiled several big new titles, including a new version of its popular action series God of War and an action game featuring Spider-Man.



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