Instagram tops 500 million monthly active users

S A screen displays the Instagram logo during a presentation in New York

It has taken in $1.53 billion in global mobile ad revenue in 2016, which is a 144% increase year-over-year.

Over the course of five years since its launch, Instagram managed to get half of million users worldwide, with 100 million users since September alone.

Instagram's user base is still a fraction of the size of parent company Facebook, which has 1.65 billion monthly active users.

This is indeed a big day for Facebook-owned Instagram.

This comes directly after a survey that found that Instagram is attracting more advertising than twitter after the introduction of dedicated business profiles by Instagram. Instagram now has 95 million pictures shared per day.

Earlier this month, the company deployed its new algorithm-based feed which shows photos and videos based on the user's interests rather than the time they were posted. We were shocked when Facebook dropped a billion dollars to buy Instagram back in 2012, when it had 22 million users and just 13 employees. And if you think that most of these users are in North America, actually 4/5 of all Instagram users are located outside of the US.

Eighty percent of Instagram users are non USA and 60 percent (about 300 million) log onto the picture-sharing app daily. With 80% of users outside the USA, the 'gram has become a way to visually connect the globe, with its number of users having doubled in the past two years.

About 80 percent of Instagram's users come from outside of the US.

"Facebook has arguably been deploying the candy bar strategy - own as numerous brands on the shelf as possible to maximize your market share", Dawson said. Mark Zuckerberg's firm now has a significant lead across the social media market, and massive user numbers on each site to go with it. Off late, they have been making several changes in the way their app functions, and yesterday it was officially announced that the app has crossed half a billion users! Thanks for making Instagram such a attractive place.



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