'Finding Dory' Has Biggest Box Office Opening for an Animated Movie

Disney Pixar                    Just keep swimming Ed O'Neill as Hank and Ellen De Generes as Dory

For many years, Pixar was known not only for its remarkable run of cinematic excellence, but also for its dedication to original films. However, "Finding Dory" could put an end to that drought.

The sequel to Finding Nemo has unseated Shrek the Third - which took $121.6m (£83.1m) on its release in 2007.

This past weekend saw Dory and her fishy friends rake in over $136.2 million big bucks in its opening weekend.

And even though its Father's Day weekend, it appears that women were the one who helped raise "Finding Dory" to #1.

"Finding Dory" is directed by Andrew Stanton. An ex-geek returns to his high school reunion as a muscular special agent and enlists the former class jock (Hart) to help on a risky mission.

Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, in a scene from "Finding Dory". Estimates say the film could clear $446 million-$629 million in the United States alone.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart star in the $US50 million action comedy.

The film sees former class geek Johnson return to his high school as a muscular special agent where he enlists the former schools sports star Hart on a unsafe mission.

Of course, a strong opening weekend doesn't constitute box office longevity.

Universal co-financed the picture and is releasing it overseas.

According to Dean, a big salt water tank is not a casual purchase or hobby. "They're very involved with their fan base and they're always tweeting non-stop". In the meantime, The Conjuring 2, despite slipping to third with an estimated $15.6 million, is holding on rather well for a horror film, and with $187.9 million worldwide, is already a superb financial success. China led the way with a $17.5 million (£12m) opening- an impressive statistic, considering that the nation that had a much smaller box-office market in 2003 and therefore had little exposure to Finding Nemo.

It has grossed $US72 million in two weeks of release.

News wasn't all that much better for other old movies, asfourth place Now You See Me 2 fell nearly 57 percent to $9.6 million, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows dropped another 64 percent.



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