Donald Trump stumps in Tampa

I love the founders.

"I mean I've had more opposition from the Republican Party than I do from the Democrats", Trump said.

"Seeing this is breaking my heart", Romney said. "Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle-down racism and bigotry, trickle-down misogyny, all these things are extraordinarily risky to the heart and character of America, so I'm not looking for Mr. Trump to change a policy that more aligns with my own".

Mitt Romney leaves the funeral services for former senator Bob Bennett in Salt Lake City on May 14. "And he's sitting like a real stiff", Trump said, before adding that the former MA governor "choked" and "let us down" in the 2012 election. According to the candidate, he also has the support of the star quarterbacks Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger; Brian France, the chief executive of NASCAR; and Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship. "We have all these things happening and she says, 'I don't like his tone'". "He choked like a dog".

Romney, who touted Trump's endorsement in 2012, has also said he won't support Trump this year.

"You don't sit there jealous and sick to your stomach", he said. The opponents include Romney, Republicans' 2012 presidential nominee, who chose Ryan as his running mate.

"It's very hard to envision" how Trump can win, Anderson said in a rare on-the-record session.

Speaking to a crowd at his annual summit in Utah Saturday, Romney appeared emotional when he explained why he could not back Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. He merely agreed with liberals that a person of Mexican descent may be biased against Trump because of his position on immigration. To his dismay, however, at a news conference in Washington's Anacostia neighborhood, all reporters wanted to ask him about were Trump's latest comments on Judge Curiel.

Scaramucci and other Romney associates now supportive of Trump, including Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC member from MA, have pleaded with Romney to tone down his opposition in the interest of party unity. And that's what you're going to see the campaign focusing on. "I'm convinced we'll see a very disciplined GOP nominee moving forward".

Even Ryan was not immune to criticism from the Trump camp.

If there is one explanation for Donald Trump's success it is this: Unlike most Republicans, he fights back.

The former MA governor reserved his strongest words for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who Romney endorsed late in the primary process, for what he said was praising Trump. "Just politically, I thought that move was not right for them".

The Trump campaign dismissed concerns about crowd size on Mr. Trump's first general election campaign swing, saying the events were only announced a few days prior.

But there were also those who are firmly supporting Trump.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters before a speech Saturday, June 11, 2016, in Tampa, Fla.

If Trump does adopt a positive view of America that is inclusive of all Americans, he might be able to resonate with a majority of voters.



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