Cameron tells United Kingdom voters: 'Brits don't quit'

France's government spokesman said on Wednesday that Britain would lose access to the EU's prized single market if it voted to quit and ceased paying into the common budget.

"Nobody knows what is going to happen", Prime Minister David Cameron told the Financial Times, insisting he did not regret calling the referendum. A Vote Leave supporter wore what looked to be a bespoke, bright red suit with the campaign group's logo stitched to the back, while Antonio Vitiello from Bedfordshire, a "card carrying member" of the U.K. Independence Party, sang the anti-E.U. parody song Britain's Coming Home.

Michel says he wants an informal meeting because "there is this clear signal all over Europe, not only in Britain" of discontent.

A "Leave" victory would make Britain the first country to leave the European Union in the bloc's 60-year history, leaving it in uncharted waters at an already troubled time.

In what has become an ugly and personal fight, both camps have been accused of using unfounded assertions and scare tactics.

"It's not politics because it doesn't help me one way or the other", he said.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday "it's up to the people of Great Britain to decide whether to remain or leave".

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will each address supporters - with the ex-London mayor urging people to "believe in our country".

Addressing a conference sponsored by his and Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, he said "we won't simply be able to go on as before, otherwise people will say, 'You haven't understood"'.

The prime minister said there was no turning back from a Brexit vote.

Since Cox's murder some polls have given a slight lead to Remain, often within the margin of error.

Larger companies, those with more than 500 employees, were more concerned, with 53 percent of them saying a British exit would have negative consequences for their business.

The "remain" camp also got a boost from more popular - and populist - figures when soccer star David Beckham and his designer wife, Victoria, added their voices to the European Union cause.

However, the pound fell to $1.4665 from an earlier high of $1.4708 after the Opinium poll.

It was not just markets showing concern.

REMAIN says the United Kingdom can veto laws in important areas and has influence in drawing up EU-wide legislation.

Polling stations open at 0600 GMT on Thursday June 23 and close at 2100.

The first big wave of results is expected after 2:00 am (0100 GMT) Friday and another wave a couple of hours afterwards.

UKIP was formed as a Eurosceptic political movement in response to dissatisfaction with Britain's involvement in the EU.

Its Sunday sister paper, The Observer, has also backed "Remain".

What are the arguments on each side for stay and leave? But even narrow backing for remain could undermine his authority and shorten his term. With the direction of the world economy purportedly resting on the outcome of Thursday's poll, market traders around the world are weighing up the potential aftereffects of Brexit. "You can see the European economy's recovery".

"I think the European Union referendum has created a heightened environment for it but actually it also pre-existed that".

In a letter to the Times on the eve of Thursday's vote, some 1,285 business leaders - include representatives of half of the FTSE 100 businesses - argue that a vote to leave will hurt the British economy.

The letter comes on the last day of a campaign that has divided the country.



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