Official killed in bomb attack on police headquarters in Turkish province

Kilis, just across the border from an area of northern Syria controlled by the militants, has been regularly hit by rocket fire.

Turkish police meanwhile detained four suspected Islamic State jihadists who were allegedly planning an attack on May Day celebrations in the capital Ankara, state media said.

The Turkish military says its forces have hit Islamic State positions in Syria, killing 34 militants.

Turkey, which is facing growing blowback from the conflict in Syria and renewed conflict with Kurdish militants, has recently seen an uptick of such attacks.

Kilis, a province that lies 6 kilometers (4 miles) from the Syrian border, has been subjected to repeated rocket attacks since January, resulting in 18 deaths.

A vehicle bomb blew up outside a police headquarters in southern Turkey on Sunday, killing two officers and wounding 22 people in the sixth blast in a major urban area this year. As part of a USA -led coalition, it is fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and battling Kurdish PKK militants in its southeast, where a 2-1/2-year ceasefire collapsed last July. On Monday, one person was killed and two others were wounded from two more rocket projectiles that struck the town, Anadolu reported.

Turkey has suffered multiple bombings in recent months linked either to Kurdish militants or the Islamic State group.

The Turkish military returned fire into Syria, hitting Islamic State targets, the source said. Up to 50 people were detained for questioning in the city over the attack, he added.

The Kurdish militant group TAK, an offshoot of PKK, on Sunday claimed a suicide bombing last week in Turkey's fourth-largest city of Bursa that wounded eight people.

According to the General Staff, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is outlawed in Ankara, staged an explosion in the Dicle district of the Diyarbakir province on late Sunday.



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