Kasich Looks to Oregon's Mid-May Primary

"I just think it is stupid", Christie said on Monday from behind a podium at Englewood Hospital. Kasich, the OH governor, has also met with prospective delegates.

The biggest prize today is Pennsylvania, a state with 71 delegates.

"I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely", Trump said during a speech and press conference at Trump Tower in New York City.

"If you want to stop Donald Trump and if you want to give Kasich a shot at any kind of open convention this summer, Trump has got to lose Indiana", Kornacki asked him. Some Trump backers in the state got help getting on the ballot in their congressional districts, but Keller said he did not.

But if Trump falls short of the votes needed to win on the first ballot in Cleveland, and delegates across the country begin switching sides, the efforts now being made to woo Pennsylvania delegates could pay off. Trump leads Cruz by 6.3 points in the in polling average, but those polls were conducted before John Kasich's campaign announced that it was pulling out of the state.

"This whole "Stop Trump" movement is just not tethered to reality", Christie said.

Late Sunday, the two campaigns announced a joint strategy in which Kasich would effectively cede the in primary to Cruz, and Cruz would clear out of Kasich's way in OR and New Mexico. Republican voters also will vote for unpledged delegates that support their candidate of choice.

Additionally, 77 percent of voters in Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania said they voted for their candidate, not against an opponent, according to an early exit poll. Right? Wrong. Kasich is slated to visit Indianapolis on Tuesday for a fundraiser, and he also still has plans to meet with a number of Indiana Republicans, including Gov. Mike Pence, who has not yet endorsed a candidate in the GOP field.

The Cruz-Kasich alliance was moonshot from the start, said Katon Dawson, a Republican strategist who has worked on presidential campaigns. Like Sanders on the left, neither of the GOP candidates behind Trump anticipate dropping out until every state has had its say. "This is why people hate politicians".

"Well, I don't think we should be telling voters how to vote", Mayor James Brainard of Carmel, Indiana, told MSNBC".

Cruz officials have privately told campaign surrogates to similarly refrain from endorsing tactical voting on the part of the Texas senator's supporters.



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