GfK Poll: Republicans not itching for a convention fight

Within the Republican Party, opinions of Trump draw a dramatic divide in terms of how the convention should work out.

"You know, I've gotten millions more votes".

A contested convention has nothing to do with the GOP elite's public dislike of Trump, Republican leaders say: rules are rules. Republican presidential front-runner Trump has been angrily denouncing what he calls a "rigged system" that is allowing his Republican rivals to siphon off some of the delegates he believes should be rightfully his.

For the Republicans, Donald Trump is in the lead with 743 delegates, Ted Cruz has 545, and Governor John Kasich has 143. In his case, it's super-delegates.

To help manage the process, Trump's campaign hired a convention manager, Paul Manafort, last week.

On Tuesday night, presidential hopeful and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump sat down with his wife, Melania, and his children, Ivanka, Tiffany, Donald Jr., and Eric, for a televised town hall in anticipation of next week's NY primary. The rules are the rules adopted at the 2012 convention and they can be amended, repealed or totally rewritten at the will of the rules committee and a convention vote. Cruz is not even going to be seeing second for the next couple of weeks.

Trump, who said he would sharply curtail but not eliminate his Twitter use if elected president, acknowledged that his retweets of supporters comments have gotten him in trouble.

Cruz's campaign swept up each of Colorado's 34 GOP delegates last weekend at its state and congressional district conventions after a similarly strong outcome in North Dakota the week prior. "In fact, I spent thousands of dollars of my own money campaigning to become a delegate because it's that important to make sure Donald Trump is NOT our nominee". "It's wrong and it goes against everything NY and America stand for". "He didn't have a ground game at all until just a couple of days before the state convention, so it's totally unsurprising that he didn't win any delegates", said Cole.

"We're going to start winning again. And I think we should stick with them in that case". How numerous remaining 99 percent are excited about either Cruz or Trump?

He also said that the billionaire is a bad businessman who has been surrounded by sycophants his entire career.“Donalds whole pitch is hes a great businessman, ” Cruz said in the wide-ranging interview on the Glenn Beck radio show, adding that given how he runs his campaign, “it appears he cant run a lemonade stand.”The interview came a day after Cruz hosted a pair of rallies in California before heading back east to Pennsylvania and NY.



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