First case of Zika virus confirmed in RI

AFP  File  Luis Robayo Chile was with Canada one of just two states in the Americas said to be free of the Aedes aegypti mosquito which carries the Zika virus that health authorities say causes birth defects in newborns

know/" target="_blank">The Zika virus is about to become an emergency in the United States and immediate action is necessary to fight the disease, U.S. Sen. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made it official Wednesday in a publication rushed into the New England Journal of Medicine.

A vast majority of infected women will not notice any symptoms, but doctors advise travelers to wait at least two months before visiting areas where Zika is present, if only because they are unsure how long the virus remains in one's blood.

The Zika virus is a viral disease that is spread mainly through mosquito bites, but sexual transmission has also been documented, said Tweel.

What's so scary about Zika is that, rarely, it can cause severe complications, including autoimmune disorders. He treats patients exposed to the virus and is conducting research to determine how often Zika infection in pregnancy leads to birth defects. Those who have traveled to countries with Zika should use mosquito repellent for three weeks after returning to Arkansas to prevent the virus from spreading to native mosquitoes. The B.C. CDC says it can also be spread sexually. Most adults report either mild or no symptoms from Zika, but it could just be that they didn't notice. People who fail to remove tires, cover empty swimming pools or otherwise abate mosquito breeding grounds will be cited and referred to the city's administrative adjudication court, where they could be fined as much as $500 for each day the violation persists.

Modern technology - such as window screens and air conditioning - should insulate the US from the pandemic levels of Zika in Brazil and other South American countries. "We've got the people, we've got the poverty, we've got the crowding, and we've got the Aedes Aegypti mosquito right here".

The virus is primarily transmitted through bites from infected mosquitoes.

"In Manitoba, because we don't have the mosquito that transmits the virus, we're not going to see person-to-person transmission".

But Democrats say public health officials should not have to choose between the two diseases, noting that 13 new Ebola cases have cropped up in West Africa over the last month.

"We all know the Zika virus is a ticking time bomb and the way to defuse it is to give the funding that they need", Schumer said.

A Zika virus vaccine is in the works and testing will begin in September. Here in Houston and Harris County we are prepared to meet this serious challenge to public health and safety with determination and resolve. Microcephaly is condition when a baby's head is smaller than expected. Most people do not experience symptoms.

With the temperatures rising to record-highs in some parts of BC - and it's only April - is there any worry about more mosquitoes this summer and their ability to transmit Zika here?



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