D'Angelo to Lead Special Tribute to Prince on 'The Tonight Show'

D'Angelo to Lead Special Tribute to Prince on 'The Tonight Show'

However, Fallon revealed on "The Tonight Show" Monday that he saved his best Prince story for last, and it's a doozy.

Not long after, however, Prince issued another ping-pong challenge to Fallon, using Questlove as his messenger.

Fallon recalled the final moment of the game. "There are these famous stories that you hear that you don't think are real, but they're real". Fallon said he searched for Prince but couldn't find him, and Quest Love added it was because the famed "Raspberry Beret" singer was already in the auto.

"I go, I'm at dinner, and I go, 'I gotta go". Fallon and Questlove did so, and even joined the icon onstage.

Questlove recalled that Fallon's wife had just gave birth to their first daughter, but Prince seemed unfazed and declared he would be at the ping pong bar at 12:30.

Not only did Prince go on to absolutely slaughter Fallon, but he talked smack to the host the entire time. Once they started playing the late night host said Prince was hitting balls off the table and he didn't stand a chance against the "Purple Rain" singer.

Questlove then added the flawless kicker. [Prince] was in the auto already at the red light and I'm like, 'Wait up, wait up!' I run up to the vehicle and, Grey Poupon-style, the window comes down. "Wait up!' window's coming down Grey Poupon-style, I say 'What happened?' He says, 'Ask your boy'".



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