Steelers Owner Wants To Play Home Game in Mexico City

Steelers Owner Wants To Play Home Game in Mexico City

The Pittsburgh Steelers are rumored to be one of the teams the NFL is considering sending to Mexico for a regular season game in the future and from Pittsburgh fans, they aren’t too happy about their beloved Steelers playing a “home” game in Mexico City. Playing a game in Mexico City will also affect Pittsburgh’s NFL sports betting odds for the game because they won’t be playing in front of their home crowd.

The rumors about the team playing in Mexico City came from owner Art Rooney, who spoke to NBC Sports about the possibility of volunteering to play a game in Mexico City. If the Steelers are selected by the league to play in Mexico City, it would mean that Pittsburgh fans will get one less home game to play during that season, a possibility their fans aren’t too happy about.

The NFL announced that teams will play one game in Mexico City for the next three years. Rooney said he volunteered and hopes the team gets selected because the Steelers are one of the few teams in the league that can afford to lose one home game. Rooney said he would love for the team to play one game in Mexico City, but called it a challenge.

When the rumors about the possibility of the team playing in Mexico City got around, Pittsburgh fans quickly took to social media to complain about the decision. From the information that was gathered, a majority of the team’s fans are strongly against the proposed plan.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Steelers have played exhibition games in Canada, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and Mexico. The team also played a regular season game in London, but that game was considered a road game and the team didn’t lose any home games.

Since the Steelers have sold out every home game since 1972, and built more seats to accommodate the ticket demands that they faced, some people are wondering why the team would want to lose a home game to play in Mexico City.

While the decision to play a “home” game in Mexico City does not sit well with Pittsburgh fans, NFL insiders say it is actually more profitable for the Steelers to play a game in Mexico City because the Estadio Azteca, where the game will be played, sits 98,500 fans, which is more than the 68,050 seats at Heinz field.

With the Stadium in Mexico City offering more sitting space, the Steelers will make more money from ticket sales in Mexico City then they would playing at Heinz Field. The team will also make more money selling team merchandise in Mexico City in one game than it would in Pittsburgh.

During the 2013 season when the Steelers played the Vikings in London, there were over 85,000 fans in attendance and the fans were treated to an exciting game. Most of the players said they enjoyed the experience, and the NFL started contemplating having a team in London. 

Steelers fans may not be happy about their team having to play one “home” game in Mexico City, but at the end of the day it is just one game. The fans need to take a look at the bigger picture, which is about getting more people interested in the sport. 



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