Hawkeyes of Iowa vs. Hoosiers of Indiana: College Basketball. Odds and Predictions.

Hawkeyes of Iowa vs. Hoosiers of Indiana: College Basketball. Odds and Predictions.

Indiana College Basketball Team Hoosiers will come to show themselves against their hosts Hawkeyes, College team from Iowa.

Hawkeyes(20-8) will meet with Hoosiers(23-6) on Tuesday,March 1, 2016 at 9:00 p.m.

The match will take place on Carver-Hawkeye Arena.Here is the real chance for Indiana, Big Ten nominees. Their rivals have already lost 4 out of five games. Indiana will have two lives more.

At least, they know how to show themselves. It is almost the fact, that Indiana is a winner and they showed themselves pretty good in previous games. They were not so lucky with competitors, but they obviously have that spark to be counted as the strong rivals to other teams.

They have just two games for a big award, and it seems that they don’t want tolose it. No matter if Hoosiers will share their score with Iowa this time, they still will be the champions, finishing the year with 13 wins in Big Ten.

Now let’s switch our attention to the Hawkeyes. They will be at home, at their own stadium, and they are ready for this match as no one else. The most recent loss to Ohio State with 68-64 score didn’t make them give up. Iowa looks like the second team in a Big Ten.

However, they entered the tournament with the wrong note. They received just one victory over Minnesota team. Still, they lose to Wisconsin at home and receive two losses on the road to Penn State and Ohio State. Well, all those teams were the strong rivals.

Don’t give up on Iowa, they are still very good in a game, and they are so desperate for the win that can play tough and ‘til the last breath.

Their best solutions for Iowa: Jarrod Uthoff – 6.4 rebounds and 18.5 points for a game.

Peter Jok – 3.3 rebounds and 16.3 points in a game.The best solution of Indiana: Yogi Ferrell – 5.5 assists and 17.0 points.

Troy Williams – 6.0 assists, 12.6 points.According to 888sport, there will be four very interesting moments, you cannot miss:

- Jared Uthoff against all Hoosiers. He is a real good player, and maybe the best option for Iowa,

- Robert Johnson and his ankle. Yes, he is getting back. We don’t know anything about his trauma condition right now, so it can be really tricky return.

- Adam Woodbury will meet Thomas Bryant. If Bryant showed himself as a real monster just as the cameo, he can be a real problem for Iowa.

- Peter Jok.



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