Capcom Starts Docking League Points Of Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitters

Capcom announces punishments for Street Fighter V rage quitters

If you're unfamiliar with the type-lucky you!-a rage quitter is someone who suddenly and intentionally disconnects from an online match out of frustration.

"To be clear, we are only targeting the worst offenders in our system, so if you have had a few instances of being disconnected during a match, you have nothing to worry about".

Capcom has shared a new update on their official Capcom Unity blog in which they have detailed the method through which rage quitters will be punished in the game. As of now, 30 players in "Street fighter V" server have already had their League Points docked.

What do you think of the penalty to rage quitters? There has been an outcry against this and Capcom has said it will dole out "severe punishment" to such playersÃ…. Players who log into their account and see that their LP and Rank has dropped significantly can consider this a warning. Capcom do admit it they're still looking for a more permanent solution for rage-quitting, though, and promise to update the community as and when they find it.

From now on, Capcom will continually monitor accounts that have high disconnect rates on a weekly basis, and will reset their League Points accordingly. To be more exact, the players who will be punished will be those who have discounted between 80 and 90 percent of their games, although they added that they don't "want to start dishing out any punishments without clear proof".

Hopefully this will keep the situation in check until Capcom can role out something more automated.

According to the report on the website, Capcom has been receiving numerous videos both on Unity and its social channels and resultantly, it has managed to cross reference the details with "Street Fighter V" server data to point out which gamers have been abusing the system. It should be stated though it was only a problem because Capcom didn't seem to have a system to detect the rage quitters until now.

Only the worst offenders in the system are being targeted now.



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