Start preloading The Division open beta now

The Division map

Ubisoft's beta officially launches tomorrow, 18th February, for Xbox One owners and the day after for everyone on PC and PlayStation 4.

Since the open beta is free and open to the public, no code is necessary to join in.

No matter where you are, it looks like The Division's open beta will be starting nice and early.

"Tom Clancy's The Division" will be released on March 8.

Tom Clancy's The Division takes place weeks after a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City on Black Friday.

The Division comes out in Ireland on March 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It's going to be a hefty download, around 27GB, so it's best to download it ahead of time. The uncertainty within the Dark Zone was what separated "The Division" from other massively multiplayer online shooting games such as "Destiny", according to Kotaku's Stephen Tolito.

It appears that Microsoft is making an effort to attract gamers looking to play Tom Clancy's The Division. Aside from the Dark Zone, players will also have Dark Zone Ranks. There will be more weapons and non-player enemies within the area. So having your co-op friends able to just drop-in, but when they need to go off and do their thing you can continue playing, is good as you are not bound to them. Surviving as a rogue agent leads to a bigger reward, but escaping the Dark Zone will be more hard.

Ubisoft's most recent financial report gives an interesting comparison between the spending habits of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers.



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