Obama, Xi Emphasize 'Impactful' International Response to North Korea

The website 38 North says that North Korea appears to have brought in fuel in preparation for a rocket launch it plans to conduct in defiance of global sanctions this month.

Japan and South Korea said North Korea had issued a Notice to Airmen that the launch would take place some time between Sunday and the following Sunday, Feb. 14.

North Korea declared its intentions to launch a satellite into space Tuesday, but the global community has since claimed the communist country actually wants to launch a rocket.

The only solution, she argued, was to impose sanctions harsh enough "to make it realise that it will not survive unless it gives up its nuclear programme".

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday held a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Barack Obama at the latter's invitation, during which the two leaders exchanged Lunar New Year greetings.

Satellite images of North Korea's Sohae rocket launch site show workers preparing fuel in a way seen shortly before a rocket launch - leading the United States to believe the launch could occur tomorrow.

Senior military officials of the three allies shared intelligence relevant to the DPRK's missile launch, while assessing current situations of the pending launch of Pyongyang's long-range ballistic missile, according to the report.

A South Korean university student wearing a mask depicting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un participates in a rally against North Korea's announcement that it had tested a hydrogen bomb in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016.

North Korea previously reported a successful satellite launch in 2012, in violation of a UN Security Council resolution.

North Korea has told United Nations agencies it will launch a rocket carrying what it called an earth observation satellite some time between February 8 and February 25, triggering global opposition from governments that see it as a long-range missile test.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also urged North Korea to "refrain" from the launch and said his Cabinet was working closely with the United States and South Korea to gather information and prepare a potential response. It is also crucial to understand the limitations of what space rocket launches contribute to the North's ability to develop military-use missiles.

While infuriated by North Korea's refusal to curb its nuclear ambitions, China's overriding concern is avoiding a collapse of the regime in Pyongyang and the possibility of a US-allied unified Korea on its border.



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