Lewis Hamilton shocks his F1 competition on an 'amazing day' in Barcelona

Mercedes W07 becomes first 2016 F1 car to log test miles

Speaking on his return to testing action at Barcelona, Hamilton acknowledged for the first time that his early title win had affected his mind-set.

Nico Hulkenberg of Germany, left and Sergio Perez of Mexico pose during the official presentation of ...

Alonso's teammate, Jenson Button, had a promising first session for McLaren by running 84 laps and showing no apparent signs of the reliability issues that plagued the team last season.

Ricciardo nonetheless ended the morning with more miles completed than Vettel, having done 58 to the Ferrari driver's 46.

Hamilton managed more than 150 laps - twice as much as any other auto - and was fast throughout the day. It is an evolution so it doesn't really feel any different, but that is a good thing.

"As long as we can see improvements, and the feeling of the auto is good, it's something to build on".

Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso, who have yet to finalise their look, took to the track with a plain blue vehicle lacking any branding.

"There are no negative points to the auto", the Englishman was quoted as saying by Autosport.

And Tuesday afternoon in Geneva, CH, there is a meeting of the world's premiere motorsport, Christian Horner, the Red Bull team boss says it is the last chance for F1 to endorse a series of radical proposals to revitalize the sport in Y 2017 with more aggressively designed cars with wider tires that are more hard to drive and 5 secs a lap quicker.

Grosjean's running was kept to just 31 laps as his VF-16 suffered a front wing failure down the main straight in the morning which required an investigation by the American team. "In our first test of the season and first as a team, you try to make sure everything works as you designed it. You try to learn as much as possible about the vehicle". To get in the new vehicle and to have no problems is just a remarkable job by the team.

Mercedes dominated the last two F1 seasons and with no major regulation changes for 2016, are expected to be a step ahead of the other teams yet again.

The four days of testing should provide a clue into whether teams have made any gains in their pursuit of Mercedes or if they will be fighting for second again.

"I'm not taking a huge amount from those races", he said.

The final test sessions for the 2016 season are scheduled for March 1-4, also in Barcelona. "Who knows where we are going to be first race?" On the agenda are bigger, faster cars that place more emphasis on driver skill, and mixed grids, all for the 2017 season. Among them were Haas and Renault, which took over financially strapped Lotus.



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