Florida's History May Help in Battle Against Zika Virus

Panama Zika Virus

Pregnant women should be provided with insecticide treated mosquito nets which are highly effective in preventing infection and in killing mosquito vectors during sleeping hours. It doesn't recommend that men without symptoms be tested for the virus. Tests on cell cultures showed the virus in the samples was capable of damaging the cells, meaning it was active.

The new warnings on intimate contact highlight how little is known about Zika, a virus that was first identified in Africa in 1947 but had been considered relatively mild until the current eruption of apparent complications.

"We are asking those governments to go back and change those laws", she said. Additionally, infected people can give the virus to mosquitoes that bite them, and these mosquitoes can then spread the virus to humans.

Instead of advocating for solutions to fight against the spread of the virus, some are seeking to play into fears and exploit the crisis by advancing the legalization of abortion in Latin American countries. "That is where there is concern", said Alejandro Gaviria.

"They're not in the ditches, they're not in the swamps, they're not in the salt marsh, they're around your house", said the Director of Lee County's Mosquito Control Wayne Gale.

Gonzalo Vazquez, an environmental science researcher at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health, said any transmission beyond Florida is likely to remain tightly contained because most tourists returning north aren't likely to be bitten by any mosquitoes during the winter.

Authorities in Brazil have vowed that the Rio Olympics will not be cancelled because of the outbreak.

Pouilly said that about a quarter of women had experienced physical or sexual violence in El Salvador in the past year.

Haq adds that "ultimately, we have to make sure that women have sufficient control over their lives and their own decision-making".

"The world is realizing that Zika can be deadly".

The guidance issued Friday also says men might consider abstaining or using condoms even if they have sex with a woman who isn't pregnant.

This 2006 photograph depicted a female Aedes aegypti mosquito acquiring a blood meal from her human host. Symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis which can last from two to seven days.

On Thursday, Gov. Rick Scott asked the CDC to provide at least 1,000 Zika antibody tests so the state can test individuals, especially pregnant women and new mothers who have traveled to affected areas and had symptoms of Zika.

Colombian health officials say three people there have died of the Guillain-Barre syndrome after contracting the Zika virus.

"We have confirmed and attributed three deaths to Zika", said Martha Lucia Ospina, head of the National Health Institute.

Researchers also are investigating a possible link - in adults - between Zika infection and Guillain-Barre syndrome, a condition involving numbness and temporary paralysis.



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