Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers at Levi's Stadium

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All that is left is putting the final touches on everything and getting ready for the Super Bowl which is only 48 hours away. Cam Newton and Peyton Manning have been the main topic of discussion for the last two weeks.

If Super Bowl 50 turns out to be Peyton Manning's last game, his little brother knows where he can start his next career.

For Manning, arguably one of the greatest to ever play under center, reaching this fourth Super Bowl was very unlikely were it not for the depth of his defense. In the past, teams have chose to do this so they're at a more secluded are, but neither the Broncos or Panthers are doing that this weekend.

David Helman: There's a lot of reasons to root for the Broncos on Sunday night. He's taken two teams to the Super Bowl.

I grew up an avid Oakland Raiders fan and, although I'm well past that fanatical stage, there's something deeply troubling about trying to like John Elway and the Broncos. Cam Newton is big enough and mobile enough that he can limit the impact of Denver's fearsome pass rush.

Broncos safeties T.J. Ward (ankle) and Darian Stewart (knee) were limited in practice this week, but both should play Sunday. I also don't trust Manning's limited arm strength against a ball hawking secondary. Carolina ranked sixth in the regular season in yards allowed, Denver first.

Of course, let's not overlook or downplay the Panthers, either. The Panthers are looking to win the first Super Bowl in the history of their franchise, and Allen would like nothing more than to be a part of history in bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Carolina.

Nick: This will be a contrast with my head and heart.

"He may have been one of the best dressed players on the team coming out here", Manning said, per Jones.

In the last few years, most of the Super Bowls have been decided by less than Sunday's betting line. "I don't know what it is, other than the Patriots aren't here." concluded Esiason.

Hammer says "Experience I go with experience". "I have more of a connection with Denver". "That was one of the things that got me today".

You would think that two of the best defenses in pro football would play a low-scoring game.



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