Astronaut Tim Peake totally called the wrong person from space

Hello is this planet Earth?’ – Astronaut on space station apologizes for calling wrong number

Anyone can dial a wrong number, but it’s not often done from outer space.

While English astronaut Tim Peake did not say who he was calling, Peake tweeted an apology to an unnamed woman for dialing the wrong number when he called, asking "Hello - is this planet Earth?"

An astronaut on the International Space Station made a technical error on Christmas Eve - but it was nothing a quick tweet couldn't fix.

Peake is accompanied on his mission by Russian astronaut Yuri Malenchenko and Timothy Kopra from the USA. He is Britain's first publicly funded astronaut and the first Briton to visit the space station, according to USA Today.

Tim Peake, a father-of-two, will spend six months aboard ISS and will conduct several scientific experiments, including experiments on himself, to help scientists understand the effect of long-duration space flights on human body.

Generally, astronauts seem to get a kick out of being able to call people on Earth.

Meanwhile, flying low over the rooftops, it could easily be mistaken for Santa's sleigh.

It could be seen as a bright light crossing the sky after sunset on Christmas Day, soaring 250 miles over the French-Spanish border.



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