New Orleans Saints Rumors: CJ Spiller Slams Mark Ingram Rotation

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C.J. Spiller's 80-yard touchdown catch that beat Dallas in overtime earlier this season was supposed to be his breakout moment with the New Orleans Saints. Washington Redskins won 23 - 20.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Luke McCown (7) and head coach Sean Payton on the sidelines in the fourth quarter. This year, Rob Ryan's improv comedy routine of a secondary is giving up the 112.0 rating, which means the Saints spot every team they play a Hall of Fame quarterback before the game starts. Fellow running back Khiry Robinson contributed 56 carries for 180 yards (3.2 Avg) with four touchdowns prior to sustaining a season-ending injury. "But I've got a lot more to do before we get there", said Brees, 36, after explaining why politicians are in a tough position.

Two things have happened to make me lower my Baylor power rating in recent weeks. We fumble a return. "But if we do get you to third down, watch out".

For starters, the Saints couldn't protect Drew Brees, who was sacked four times by a blitzing Titans defense, and fumbled a punt that Tennessee turned into a field goal.

Quarterback Drew Brees shouldn't have to toss seven TD passes again or throw for 500 yards as he did in triumph against the defenseless NY Giants. He did it last week against the Titans, who came in with a top three defense in the NFL.

The lowly Tennessee Titans, a team that has lost six straight games and now performs under the direction of interim coach Mike Mularkey, stand between the Saints and a winning record.

The Saints have given up gobs of yardage in the past two games to Eli Manning and Marcus Mariota, so Cousins has to believe that he can do the same even though the Redskins have struggled at times. Everyone has access to their percentages, the distance, get-off times and obviously clutch kicks. He's extremely bright. I know that he's the guy that'll come in quickly and dive into the playbook and spend time with Bill Callahan and get all the nuances down of the offense.

Until then, many teams are going to keep one eye watching the franchise and seeing what they do this season. New Orleans defeats Indianapolis 27-21.

Also, Flynn tweeted that he was signing with the Saints: "Looks like my hunting season is over!" There was also an image of a fleur-de-lis.

More and more Sean Payton's Saints career has been shaped not by his ability as an offensive tactician but by his unending failure to field a competent defense (or special teams unit, for that matter - surely the countdown to the day kicker Kai Forbath is replaced has begun). "We just have to take that same approach to first and second down".

This time, reporters were interviewing free safety Jairus Byrd in the locker room when Browner objected to questions being asked of Byrd and started shouting profanities. "Soon as I got the ball, it was kind of hard to even get the ball back to secure it before I took one or two steps".

Sports World Report is reporting that if there is indeed an ownership change in New Orleans and Tom Benson is indeed out, then so is Payton. Any team that wants to talk to him would have to receive permission from the Saints to do so.



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